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GRNConsulting are:
Colin Jenkins PGA
Rohan Barnett MSc.,

Colin is a PGA professional of over 30 years standing.
In addition to being the owner of 3 golf centres and a top quality Adventure Putting courses in Fuengirola, he has been involved in the design of over 40 golf projects.
He is founder and editor of Golf Features The Magazine for the Golf Industry and co-founder and Chairman of the Organisation of Golf & Range Operators (OGRO).

Rohan obtained a Masters Degree in Organisational Development from Nottingham Trent University in 2000.
He has extensive experience in major service and project planning in local government prior to joining the golf industry.
Rohan is Production Editor of Golf Features and co-founder and MD of OGRO.

They are also:
• Owners & publishers of Golf Features The Magazine for the Golf Industry;
• Owners of the GolfRangeFinder, GolfCourses4Sale, Machinery4golf websites;
• Co-authors and publishers of the Golf Range Design Guide, the EGU's Practice Facilities Guide and the SMS Golf Range Usage Survey;
• Management and golf facilities consultants.

GRNC work includes:

Lisbon, Portugal - Expert witness and coordination of expert witnesses in €125 million golf range related legal case settled in clients favour.
BGC - Consultant and expert witness in planning application and subsequent sucessful appeal.
CG - Reviewing ranges and making recommendations for cost effective refurbishment and operation.
HGC - Recommendations to overcome ball escape issues.
CBC - Providing assessment of opportunities to develop the golf facilities at MB Golf Course and specifying best options.
TP Ltd - Assessment of commercial golf opportunities, specification and pricing of 'best fit' options.
PP Ltd., Portugal - Assessment of ball escape issues from adjoining golf course and recommendations for resolution.
S&P - Review of client project and make design recommendations.