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GRNConsulting specialise in all aspects of golf facility design and operation.

GRNConsulting offer a full range of services to golf range and golf centre businesses.
Whether you are developing a new project, or looking to refresh and maximise returns on an existing centre, our expertise can help you make the best investment decisions.

• Site, or full project, feasibility studies - we have prepared many fully costed reports with designs and specifcation for new range and golf centre projects.
• Range refurbishment - we have undertaken extensive work in this area and can advise on the best investment.
• Expert Witness - We have co-ordinated and provided expert witness tesomony in a sucessful €127M court case as well as providing evidence in planning applications and sucessful appeals.
• Security solutions - working with a leading security firm we have developed systems to deliver live remote till monitoring embeded in live CCTV feed.
• Floodlighting - new applications are always difficult but we can advise on best options.
• Operational issues and efficiency - we can provide assessment and recommendations.
• Marketing and promotion - we not only advocate but we use modern marketing methods ourselves so we know what's cost effective.
• Ball escape issues - we have advised many ranges and centres on ball escape issues, we can help keep them in and reduce risk.
• Health and Safety - we can offer advice on risk assessment and procedures.
• Retail - in house or lease-out? We know the in's and out's of both and can help assess the options.
• Adventure Golf - a great investment with the right product in the right location. We know, we build and operate courses as well as advise others.

As owners and publishers of Golf Features The Magazine for the Golf Industry and the promoters of the the Organisation of Golf & Range Operators (OGRO) we have always advocated the necessity of providing top quality customer service and experience, alongside efficient and effective operation.

We bring this same approach to our consultancy work believing that the modern golf range, or centre, must offer broad appeal to be competative in today's difficult leisure market.
But, at the same time, we understand the need for efficientcy and maximising ROI.

Our advice is free on the phone or come and see us for an initial no cost consultation.


Contact Colin Jenkins, or Rohan Barnett, by phone on +44 (0)1580 715248, or use the Contact form to send us an email.